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Pioneered Technology


We refine 25% of the world’s tin and lead using vacuum distillation furnaces.

Flow rates up to 50 tons/day with vacuum metallurgy, clean technology, high purity products, and flexible feed.

Product purity is 99.9% for Sn, Pb, Zn and In.  As, Cd, Sb, Bi, and Ag are also recovered and purified.  Mine and refinery concentrates, filter cakes, babbitt, sludges, skimmings, solder, smelting residues, recycling alloys, dross, waste, slag, precious metals, and scrap are refined.  We manufacturer 90% of the worlds commercial vacuum distillation units. Our customers are some of the largest mines and secondary refineries in the world. Operating costs (OPEX) are the lowest in the industry, leading to very high efficiencies.  Workplace emissions are lowest in the industry at a fraction of allowed OSHA limits.  Energy consumption is low at about 500-700Kwhr/ton.  Extensive test and trial capability are available at our facility allowing customers to watch, in real time, the refining of 10-100 tons of their alloy. 

Refining such large trial lots assures that our units will deliver the purity and product flow required by our customers.  Remote observation of trial lots by CCTV is available.   Over 60 years of research and 200 scientific papers have been carried out by our scientists, providing customers a huge technical database for the separation of metals in all types of alloys including the elements tin, lead, antimony, bismuth, silver, zinc, indium, arsenic and cadmium.  This allows IAT to provide our customers the proper operating conditions for most alloys simply by referring to our database.  Finally, IAT oversees installation of all vacuum distillation units and never leaves the customer until all refining objectives are met. 

Smelting &

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