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Automatic Crystallizer

Description: Employs controlled cooling to induce the crystallization of lead and bismuth compounds, effectively separating them from the molten tin; during this process, silver and gold remain in the liquid state, leading to their concentration.


Key Advantages:

  • Auto water spray & steam collection system

  • Lower oxide dust

  • Lower operating cost & less labor

  • Accurate temp. controlling (Pb consistently less than 50ppm)


Here's how automatic crystallizer fits into the refining process:


  1. Purification of Tin: Removes lead (Pb) and trace amounts of bismuth (Bi) without requiring the use of reagents or oxides. Usually placed after the impurity removal kettles and before the ingot machine.

  2. Precious Metal Concentration: Simultaneously concentrates silver (Ag) and gold (Au).


1. Type: DBCRSTLZ-30 Automatic Crystallizer 

  • Power load: 250KVA

  • Capacity: 30 MT/day of pure Sn output

  • Feed: Sn 85%-99%

  • Output: Sn 99.97%

  • Operation: Operation: automatic feed, 1 operator for 2 machines

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