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VDU Trials

Your Products

And your specifications 

Your Material Feed

In our full scale VDUs

Why have a scaled trial in China at our facility?

  • You will be able to witness a VDU process your feed material and produce your products BEFORE you commit to a purchase.

  • On your visit you will have the chance to ask questions of our engineers during the live trial.

  • We will conduct assays both in-house and by a 3rd party lab and send you home with samples of both the feed material and products.

  • Onsite trials are very reasonably priced as we sell the product to offset some of the material acquisitions costs.

  • We credit a portion of the trial fee to the purchase of a VDU.

How do we run these trials?

  • Recent difficulties in importing materials (due to the trade restrictions) indicate that even small samples sent from the customers overseas to China can be returned to sender. 

  • In this climate we purchase pure elements in China and synthesize the customer’s alloy equivalent. This synthetic alloy is then be used for the VDU refining trials. 

  • We typically run large scale tests from 0.5 ~ 30-tons per trial lot to more accurately mimic an actual production run.  

  • When the trial is finished, the tons of metal (minus any samples required by your engineers) will be sold at a discounted price in China in order to offset some of the material acquisition costs for the trial.

What is a typical trial plan?

  • We will use a demonstration VDU very similar to the one you would be purchasing.

  • Each VDU that we sell is customized for the client’s application. Therefore, each trial will require some modifications to the demonstration unit. New parts will be installed in order to have a clean trial without contamination.

  • The estimated duration of an onsite trial including set up is 7-10 days.

  • We invite your company’s representatives to take part in the trials. 

  • This will give your team the chance to take your own samples, witness the VDU functioning on your materials and ask technical questions as the tests proceed. 

  • Your staff will only need to be on site for about 3-4 days.

What is the intent of the trial?

  • To demonstrate to your representatives that this VDU technology will make the products per your specifications.

  • To assist your company in understanding the level of expertise required to operate the VDU.

  • To assist your engineers in understanding the possible maintenance and spare parts costs.

  • To explain and show you the supporting equipment and infrastructure.

  • To answer processing questions and run classroom scenarios of various feed and product variations.

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