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End-to-End Solutions.

International Applied Technology LLC (IAT) is the exclusive Ex-Asia agent serving Occidental regions for:




Kunming Diboo Technology Co., Ltd. 昆明鼎邦科技股份有限公司

We manufacture the most advanced smelting and refining equipment in the metals separation industry.

Please Contact Us Here:

Email : Phone : 714-588-6133

3305 E. Miraloma Ave., Suite 174, Anaheim, CA 92806, USA  

About Us

We are a globally renowned provider of comprehensive metal refining solutions, originally recognized for our Vacuum Distillation Units (VDUs), and now offering an expanded range of cutting-edge equipment. With a legacy of refining 25% of the world’s tin and lead using vacuum distillation furnaces, we have propelled our expertise to encompass a diverse array of refining processes.


From Vacuum Distillation Units (VDUs) that refine tin and lead to 99.9% purity, to Fuming Furnaces designed to unlock trapped metal value from slag piles, our repertoire has expanded extensively. Our Electric Arc Furnaces employ a unique dual-port system for discharge of crude tin and slag in the smelting of tin and other materials, while Impurity Removal Kettles facilitate the separation of impurities from molten tin.


Our Crystallizers automatically controlled cooling to segregate impurities such as lead and bismuth, concentrating valuable elements like silver and gold in the liquid state, without necessitating additional reagents or oxides. Additionally, Liquation Furnaces facilitate the separation of tin from lower melting point impurities, ensuring enhanced purity in the final product.


A hallmark of our services lies in our unparalleled manufacturing of 90% of the world's commercial vacuum distillation units. These units are favored by some of the largest mines and secondary refineries globally, not only for their efficiency but also for the minimal operating costs (OPEX) they incur. Furthermore, our commitment to environmental responsibility shines through, as our workplace emissions remain significantly below the OSHA limits.


Our legacy of research, spanning over six decades and yielding over 200 scientific papers, underscores our mastery of metal separation in various alloy compositions. This treasure trove of knowledge empowers us to offer customers precise operating conditions for a wide range of alloys, all based on our comprehensive technical database.


Installation is where our dedication truly shines. We manage the installation of all equipment, standing steadfast until smelting and refining objectives are resoundingly achieved. This unwavering commitment ensures that our customers' endeavors are met with unwavering success across the entire spectrum of materials and processes we now offer.

Why do business with us?

  • End-to-End Solutions: We offer comprehensive A-Z solutions in smelting and refining equipment, boasting unique capabilities in engineering, manufacturing, installation, and training for the entire smelting and refining process flow.

  • 200+ Smelters worldwide carry our equipment. All are customized to suit their application.

  • Non-polluting. Operating under vacuum, our VDUs are closed systems with almost no emissions.

  • Trials. We are the ONLY maker of VDUs that conducts live and large scale on -site trials for prospective customers with their feed materials.

  • FREE R&D. All our customers enjoy free consulting on feed materials and products.

  • Upgrades. Every year we release equipment upgrades and advances in automation.

  • Training. We come and install your equipment. We don't leave until your operators are fully trained.


Meet Some of the Team 

Dr. Joseph L. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Thomas received his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame in chemistry.  He taught at the University of Notre Dame, University of Michigan and California State University. Professor Thomas left California State University and founded Metals Recovery Technology in 1999. He has authored two books, numerous peer reviewed scientific journal articles and has a dozen patents. Dr. Thomas became CEO of International Applied Technology in 2007. His fields of expertise include precious metals and nonferrous base metals.


Ken K. Anderson, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Anderson has a Bachelor of Science Degree and over 20 years of commercial strategy & development experience. He has founded, run and sold several trading businesses. He also has more than 20 patents and trademarks to his name.


Dan Q Yang, General Manager and IS Director

Mr. Yang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgy, a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, numerous awards for metallurgical research, and many Computer Science certifications.


Kitty Chen, Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Chen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She worked for several companies in various positions before becoming Chief Financial Officer of International Applied Technology.

IAT / Diboo Customers Include:

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