Our Products

Our Products

Tin alloy VDU

Sn, Pb (Tin, Lead)
Sn, Pb, Sb (Tin, Lead, Antimony)
Sn, Pb, Sb, As (Tin, Lead, Antimony, Arsenic)

5-50 ton/day capacity

500 Kw-hr/ton

Good delivery Sn produced

High purity Pb and Sb produced

Precious metal collection and concentration VDU

Ag, Zn, Cd (silver, zinc, cadmium)
Ag, Au, Pb (silver, gold, lead)
Ag, Au, Bi (silver, gold, bismuth)
Au, Si, As, Tl (gold, silicon, arsenic, thallium)
Ag, Au, Pb, As, Sb (silver, gold, lead, arsenic, antimony)

Up to 20 ton/day capacity

Tin Lead River Run Video

Multi-Units (Lead/Tin/Antimony)


Single Unit (Lead (Bi)/Silver)


40 Ton / day Unit in Operation (Lead/Tin)