Company Bios

Founded in 2007,  World class innovative vacuum metallurgy distillation furnace State of the art technology make possible equipments.

Dr. Joseph L. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer

…..Dr. Thomas received his Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame in chemistry.  He taught at the University of Notre Dame, University of Michigan and California State University. Professor Thomas left California State University and founded Metals Recovery Technology in 1999. He has authored two books, numerous peer reviewed scientific journal articles and a dozen patents. Dr. Thomas became CEO of International Applied Technology in 2007. His fields of expertise include precious metals and nonferrous base metals.

Ken K. Anderson, Vice-President (International Sales)

     Mr. Anderson has a Bachelor of Science Degree and 18 years of commercial strategy/development experience. He has founded, run and sold several trading businesses. He also has more than 20 patents and trademarks to his name.

Dan Qing Yang, General Manager, Vice-President for Foreign Partnership

     Mr. Yang holds a Bachelor’s degree in Metallurgy, a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, numerous awards for metallurgical research, and many Computer Science certifications.

Kitty Yu, Chief Financial Officer

     Mrs. Yu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. She worked for several companies in various positions before becoming Chief Financial Officer of International Applied Technology.