About Us


We provide:

  • The only active Vacuum Research Center
  • Stage of the art in vacuum refining technology and practice
  • Over 50 years of VDU research
    • 100 Ph.D. scientists have contributed
    • More than 200 Scientific articles published
    • Huge knowledge base
  • VDU technology redesigned from ground up
    • Replaces older commercial or in-house designs
    • Continuous R&D improvements and upgrades available to existing customers
  • Extensive pilot facility
  • Highly skilled process engineers
  • Design is half the battle
  • Know how and experience complete the skill set
  • Custom designed pilot furnaces
  • Small scale trials on customer materials
  • Results in 60-120 days
  • Full scale VDU in another 60-120 days
Elements refined Table I (in yellow color)

Our Vacuum Distillation Units (VDU) can refine the elements colored yellow in Table I.

Tin alloys
Sn, Pb
Sn, Pb, Sb
Sn, Pb, Sb, As

Indium alloys

In, Pb, Sb

Precious metal collection and concentration
Ag, Zn, Cd
Ag, Au, Pb
Ag, Au, Bi
Au, Si, As, Tl
Ag, Au, Pb, As, Sb

Zinc refractory alloys, dross
Zn, Fe
Zinc dust refractory
Zinc alloy refractories