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International Applied Technology LLC (IAT) provides the world’s most advanced Vacuum Distillation Units (VDU) with over 200 furnaces installed worldwide; the most advanced, unparalleled vacuum distillation furnaces are built and installed by IAT.

Elements refined include Sn/Pb/Sb(Tin/Lead/Antimony)…, Zn/Ag/Cd (Zinc/Silver/Cadmium)…, In /Pb/Sb (Indium/Lead/ Antimony)…, As, Si, Au and Tl (Arsenic, Silicon, Gold, and Thallium)

Dross recovery, separation and purification is a major capability. Capacities of up to tons/day are available. Long life, continuous use, low cost, excellent purity and highest yields are offered.

Environmentally, IAT furnaces are virtually nonpolluting. Operating under vacuum, the units are closed systems with almost no emissions.

Skilled installation and instruction is our trademark. IAT does not leave until the customer is fully capable of achieving optimal furnace operation.

Kunming Diboo Technology Co., Ltd.
Website:  www.dibookj.cn



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